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Batch Broadcasting
Cadence9’s® new batch broadcasting capabilities with substitution tag functionality have created HUGE time savings for queing up set-it-and-forget it broadcasting for an entire Franchise or Multi-unit organization.

Batch Broadcasting is the ability to publish to large groups of social channels but enter the content only ONCE. The batch broadcasting feature is amazing, but it is the new substitution tags functionality related to batch broadcasting that is truly a remarkable, game-changing technology tool.

Substitution Tags
Substitution Tags enable us to broadcast to hundreds of social and content channels, while providing the ability to make the content appear custom on each of those channels.

For example, as we prepare a Facebook post for a franchise client, we are able to enter a generic tag such as (Company Name) into our post text and the c9 prime™ software will populate each unique business location name into the post as it is published out to each businesses’ Facebook page.

The launch of these new functions is the biggest advances in efficiency for c9 prime™ in the last 12 months. It is very exciting to see how this capability is helping our clients with publishing at scale.

In theory, time is the only thing we cannot create more of each day – but Cadence9® just did!

You may submit feedback to us about the new features in this update as well as what you’d like to see in the c9 franchise™ & c9 prime™ software. Please email your feature suggestions to with the subject “Feature Suggestion for c9”