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UPDATE DETAILS: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Content indicator flag added to active tasks
You will notice a new GREEN indicator flag displaying in your Task list views when channels have been selected or content has been added to a task. By popular request, the green flag has been added to indicate when a task is “in-progress”.

In addition to the green “in-progress” indicator, you will also continue to see an ORANGE flag when a task is marked “Ready for Review & Publish” and a RED flag when a task is unread.

Improved image upload for Safari
Reports from some clients having an issue with image uploads in the Safari browser have prompted revisions to our image upload tools. Our developers believe we have identified and resolved the issue that was occurring with Safari timing out during image upload.

Ability to use your own account has been added to c9
To track and view statistics related to users that click on links in your published content, c9 clients can now create a personal and activate it in their c9 account. Using your own links in your posted content will provide you the ability to capture comprehensive click-thru statistics for across all of the platforms where you are publishing content.

New time zone converter control for scheduling posts
When scheduling your broadcast for publish; you may now select a Time Zone designation as well as the date / time for each broadcast. The c9 system will automatically convert your time of day & time zone selection to the related PST display. No more need to calculate when entering preferred publication times across various regions, the software does the work for you.

Multiple Facebook posts will display as separate posts
Previously, when publishing 3 or more posts to Facebook in a 24 hour period through the c9 application their platform was rolling the posts and images into a single album. Now every Facebook post will maintain a separate post in your newsfeed.

Advanced filters for scheduled and published broadcasts
Additional filtering options are now available to make your list review of scheduled and published broadcasts easier to manage.

You may submit feedback to us about the new features in this update as well as what you’d like to see in the c9 franchise™ & c9 prime™ software. Please email your feature suggestions to with the subject “Feature Suggestion for c9”